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GEOPHIRES is a free and open-source geothermal techno-economic simulator.

GEOPHIRES combines reservoir, wellbore, surface plant, and economic models to estimate the capital and operation and maintenance costs, instantaneous and lifetime energy production, and overall levelized cost of energy of a geothermal plant. Various reservoir conditions (EGS, doublets, etc.) and end-use options (electricity, direct-use heat, cogeneration) can be modeled. Users are encouraged to build upon to the GEOPHIRES framework to implement their own correlations and models.

See documentation here and the source code repository at github.com/NREL/GEOPHIRES-X.

You may also be interested in the HIP-RA (Heat in Place Resource Assessment) tool.



Enter Parameters or select an example, then press Run GEOPHIRES to get a result. (You may need to scroll down to see the Run GEOPHIRES button.)


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